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What is the origin of the name Corcl?

The name is a play on the word 'coracle'. The English, the Welsh and the Scottish all call their similarly-shaped boat, a coracle. Maybe we're over-reaching, but the British Empire ruled much of the world, in recent history, which is why so many people in disparate lands speak English..thus, they own a fair amount of vocabulary, including ours. Also, 'corcl' is more hip, and frankly, it's fun to say. Corcl. Corcl. Corcl. Come on, that's fun.

What is Corcl's corporate philosophy? 

We want people to spend more time in the great outdoors, convening with nature and enjoying an experience powered by their own power- a silent sport, minus screams and general hilarity, of course. We have no interest in creating stuff, defined as things we never use, that just take up space in our homes and our minds. The boats' enduring design and rugged material were chosen so you could use them well for years, and when you're done, repurpose them, then the whole thing is recyclable. There are so many ways to use this funny little boat, we know you'll find one to suit you. Share pictures and videos to let others know how you Corcl or WGWAG - to motivate, inspire and, if you have teenagers like ours, warn others!

Return Policy

If you need to return an item, please contact us with your order number and details about the product you would like to return. We will respond quickly with instructions that are in accordance with our warranty. 


Know that it kills us to have to charge for shipping. We do not make any money on this, often to the contrary, but until our nationwide retail rollout, we are stuck. We only ship to locations within the Continental United States.  


A freight trucking company will call you to schedule a delivery date/time. Ask for the company's phone number in case you need to change the scheduled delivery.

Please make sure someone is available to sign for and inspect the delivery at the scheduled time.

Delivery is "to the curb". 

Inspect the boats on the pallet for damage before signing for the delivery. If the package is damaged but the boats look unaffected, note the damage on all delivery receipts before signing and take a photo, if possible. If the exterior packaging is damaged to an extent that the boats may be damaged, refuse delivery or request that the driver stand by while the packaging is removed and the boats are inspected. Damaged boats are to be noted on the driver's paperwork. Contact us promptly at (855) 932-6725.

Please retain packaging materials/pallet/bubble wrap until you are completely satisfied with the condition of your purchase.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

CORCL, by BrighamFloats, LLC retains the right to satisfy warranty via repair or replacement if deemed defective. In addition, BrighamFloats, LLC reserves the right to replace original CORCL, WGWAG or related accessories with comparable current products.

BrighamFloats, LLC is not liable for any injury sustained in the use of this product. The user of this product acknowledges assumed risks and waives any and all claims against BrighamFloats, LLC and any of its agents.

Limitations and Exclusions

This limited warranty does not apply to: 

  • Normal wear and tear, abrasion and aging of product.
  • Damage by extreme weather or environmental conditions.
  • Damaged while in possession of a freight carrier, a dealer, consumer, or any party other than CORCL.
  • Damage by accident, neglect, improper use or handling.
  • Damage from being towed by another vessel.
  • Damage from uses in any activities other than an activity, which is customary for the product.
  • CORCLs or WGWAGs that have been structurally or dimensionally altered or modified.
  • CORCLs or WGWAGs used for commercial or rental purposes.
  • Colors may vary from those shown. Variations in color are not covered by warranty. 

Dealer Inquiries

If you are interested in adding the CORCL or WGWAG to your retail offerings in the US & Canada, please contact us via sales@corcl.com.

Terms and Conditions

BrighamFloats, LLC reserves all applicable intellectual property rights in connection with its CORCL or WGWAG boats.

For the original retail purchaser ("Consumer"), CORCLs and WGWAGs are warranted against material or manufacturing defects in the hull and deck for 180 Days from date of original purchase.

This warranty is non-transferable.

The customer is responsible for all shipping and handling fees to and from BrighamFloats, LLC manufacturing facility or some other place which BrighamFloats, LLC may designate.

Obtaining Warranty Service

If you have a problem with your CORCL or WGWAG and you suspect that it may be due to defective materials or workmanship, please contact us.  If the boat is returned to BrighamFloats, LLC and our inspection indicates a defect that is attributable to materials or workmanship, BrighamFloats, LLC will repair or replace the CORCL or WGWAG with a similar model as determined by BrighamFloats, LLC.  Proof of purchase may be required.

This limited warranty excludes any incidental or consequential damages or expenses resulting from any defects. BrighamFloats, LLC’s aggregate liability shall be limited to an amount equal to Consumer's original purchase price paid for the defective product.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains BrighamFloats, LLC’s treatment of your personally identifiable information collected in connection with your activities on corcl.com.


Personal Information is personally identifiable information, such as your name, address, phone number and email address.

  • Your address is used to verify your payment method, and used for shipment info.
  • Your phone number is used to verify payment method, and for us to contact you in case of a problem.
  • Your email address is used to confirm your order status and provide tracking information.
  • Your email address is used to distribute content to you, to which you can unsubscribe as desired.


We will not sell or rent your Personal Information to anyone. 

  • We will only disclose your Personal Information to third parties:
  • Where you have specifically given us your consent to disclose your Personal Information for a designated purpose;
  • Who are acting on our behalf as our suppliers to fulfill your order. They need your address to ship your item to you.

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