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Stand and shift your weight side to side on the stable deck and the submerged fins propel you straight ahead through the water. No paddle needed. Pump your right foot and the boat turns to the left. Pump your left foot and the boat turns to the right. The WGWAG is good exercise, good fun! It's like a light Stairmaster workout, on the water. 

Built in social distancing with one user per boat

A tether rope is included to help you balance when you first start out. 

The durable fins come with a 3-year warranty. They are removable to allow for WGWAG stacking in the off-season. 

Best use- ages 10 through adult from 75 to 225 lbs.

Product Weight - 45 lbs

Product Dimensions - 48”W x 57”L x 17”H

Available in Orange and Blue. Patent Pending.

Approx. delivery time 1-2 weeks by Freight. Delivery time/cost will vary by destination.

Available only in contiguous U.S. and Canada.




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