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MSRP $499. Not for individual sale online. For bulk pricing, please contact us at (855) 932-6725

Product Description

Wanna WGWAG? Shift your weight side to side while your feet are level and shoulder width apart on the stable platform and the submerged fins will propel you straight ahead through the water. No paddle needed.

Sliding one foot back just 2" on the deck while continuing the side to side rocking will cause you to turn in the direction of that foot! Before you know it, you will be ready for a slalom course on the water.

The WGWAG offers great balance training and a great fitness workout for your legs. Think of a light stair master workout, but while propelling yourself across the water.

The WGWAG is a great introduction to the rocking/balance associated with paddle boarding.

A tether rope is included to help you balance when you first start out. Before long, you will not need the rope and will be dancing on your WGWAG around the lake!

Remove the fins at the end of the season and the WGWAGs are designed to stack on top of one another and take up very little room in your off-season storage.

User age range - 10 and older

User weight range - 50 to 225 lbs.

Product Weight - 42 lbs

Product Dimensions - 48”W x 57”L x 17”H

Camps, campgrounds and resorts, please call 855-932-6725 for pricing. 




Product Videos

The WGWAG 00:50

See how much fun the WGWAG watercraft from Corcl can add to your waterfront!

  • The WGWAG
    See how much fun the WGWAG watercraft from Corcl can add to yo...

Product Videos