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While adults enjoy kayaks, paddleboards, sailboats and jet skis, you may find your location has fewer watercraft options for young guests ages 7-14.  On the beach, or at the lake, the CORCL is their FUN WAY TO GET AROUND! 

  • CORCLs are an innovative, accessible watercraft for children who might otherwise find a kayak intimidating and a paddleboard unwieldy.
  • CORCLs are simple and intuitive to use! Your guest simply sits or kneels in the center and paddles with a kayak paddle.  There is no extra equipment necessary.
  • CORCLs are easily carried, rolled or simply dragged down to the water with the supplied 6’ tether rope and paddle leash.
  • CORCLs are available in five eye-catching UV-resistant colors (blue, yellow, orange, green and pink) that will draw traffic to your location and also light up your waterfront.
  • CORCLs are a great option for small waterfront areas (where kayaks and paddleboards are too large) as users can simply sit and spin just off the beach or dock.
  • CORCLs are extremely durable, double-hulled, polyethylene and MADE IN USA.  They will provide years of use with minimal maintenance.
  • CORCLs occupy a tiny (4’ x 4’) footprint in your concession/dock/beach area and they stack securely on top of one another; much easier than finding storage space for 10 kayaks.
  • CORCLs are easy to secure in the evening by running a lock & cable down the stack through the handles.
  • CORCLs also provide challenges for your more athletic guests. Rather than use a kayak paddle, they can choose to kneel or stand using a single blade to scull and go forward through the water.